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This and a few other tips made it (the Smart Email Management Workshop) a very useful half day. I wish I'd done it 10 years ago.

Mike Panto, Prospect

Monica was extremely knowledgeable and was a very good tutor/presenter.

PA, International Management Consultancy

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Book Reviews

If only half the book’s advice were put in to practise in organisations, it would make a positive impact on corporate image and employee effectiveness.

Karen Dunn, Head of Retail Learning at E.ON UK

Monica’s book has something for everybody; a jargon-free, pragmatic and effective approach to communicating brilliantly using email.

Mike Southon, Financial Times columnist and best-selling business author

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Case Studies

Here is a selection of recent case studies:

Case study 1 - Engineering Company
Enabling international engineering company to save up to 45 minutes per day dealing with email.

Case study 2 - St Helens Council
Improving email etiquette and compliance for local government council.

Case study 3 - International Clothes Manufacturer
Making more time available to deal with customers for a major clothes manufacturer.

Case study 4 - Shepherd
Reducing the size of mailboxes and time spent dealing with email.

Case study 5 - McGrigors
The sheer volume of email was causing stress for staff, wasting time and had the potential to create risks from missed instructions or deadlines.

Case study 6 - Fulcrum
It was becoming impossible to keep on top of the volume of emails... Mailboxes were becoming oversized and causing the system to run slowly... Getting engineers to move important emails from their personal mailbox to the project mailbox was also a challenge.

Case study 7 - International Financial Service provider
Enabling their PAs to save at least thirty minutes day by handling their own and their Director’s email more efficiently.


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