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Mesmo is very loyal to existing clients and will go that extra mile to ensure as a company you are getting the type of workshops relevant to your business/problems including good value for money. We would definitely use Mesmo again if the opportunity arose.

Claire Manley, Fulcrum (now part of Mott McDonald)

I thought the email workshop was insightful and enlightening - giving me useful advice on how to improve my email management & security and ensuring that I am no longer ruled by my inbox.

Christina Firmin, Guys & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Cost of email misuse calculator

What does email misuse cost you? Most of us receive copious emails, many of which we don't need and are quickly deleted. Do you know how much this costs you, and how much time you could save yourself and your team/company? Let's work it out! Please answer the following:

How many emails do you receive a day in total?
Which you do not need?

You are spending minutes per week too long on your inbox. You could save yourself at least days per year if you took control of your email.

If you manage a team how much is this costing your group?

How many people in your group?
What is the average daily wage for your team? £

You could be losing up to productive days per year. This means you have an extra overhead of about £

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