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We receive many responses to her Stress Busters column, all of which receive personal and expert treatment. I'm happy to say that Monica and her team at MESMO have become part of the Crème tradition.

Julie Daniels, Editor, Times Crème

I came back refreshed from the Conference and your deliverance, and in my spare moments started filing and deleting all of the unnecessary e-mails in my in box. My sent box is also under attack. Thank you for a refreshing look at housekeeping!

Jenni Cluskey, BP

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Monica’s book has something for everybody; a jargon-free, pragmatic and effective approach to communicating brilliantly using email.

Mike Southon, Financial Times columnist and best-selling business author

It (‘Brilliant Email’) has revolutionized my life, by telling me simply how to control and manage my email. It is a must read for overloaded emailers!

Professor Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University Management School

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