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I liked the fact that Monica didn’t just apply a plaster to our immediate problem. She showed us the bigger picture and how and what we had to do to ensure our email communications are in good shape for the future.

Matilde Sanson UK MD, Donovan Data Systems

We chose Monica (and Mesmo) because she understands the pressures of senior executives in local government and knows that technology is only part of the solution. She has shown us the key shortcuts and enabled us to use electronic communications more productively across the board whether we are in the office or out in the field.

Deputy Chief Executive, Local London Authority

Brilliant Email
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Book Reviews

If only half the book’s advice were put in to practise in organisations, it would make a positive impact on corporate image and employee effectiveness.

Karen Dunn, Head of Retail Learning at E.ON UK

This book is clear and easy to follow and the next best thing to having Monica sitting next you giving practical hints and tips….She not only clearly identifies the issues we all face but also offers a range of easily implemented solutions.

Rachel Oliphant, Senior Associate, Risk & Knowledge Management, McGrigors LLP

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Self-assessment tools

Over the years through my work with Mesmo Consultancy we have developed a number of self-assessment tools which you can use to help you improve how you use email.

Outlook IT Fitness Check
This will help you assess your current level of skills with Outlook and identify in gaps in your knowledge. Click here to take

Acceptable Usage Policy
Data loss is now the major source of theft, greater even than loss of physical goods.  Moreover, the content of an email can be used as evidence in a court of law.  How well does your computer Acceptable Usage Policy help you manage the risk to you and your business of a breach of security and compliance? Click here to take 
Email Etiquette Checklist
What image does your email etiquette create of you and your business?  Recipients are far more likely to respond to emails which are easy to read and indicate clearly what is expected of them. Use our Email Etiquette Checklist to score the clarity of your email and establish how well it will be received by the recipient. Click here to take

Email Addiction Check 
How addicted to email are you?  Use our new Email Addiction self-assessment checklist to benchmark where you stand - totally addicted or chilled out.  Click here to download it.

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